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Norman Mclaren

Norman Mclaren. Courtesy 'The Canadian Encyclopedia' (Website)
Monday, January 26, 1987
Date of Birth: 
Sunday, April 19, 1914

"Norman McLaren was born in Stirling, Scotland, on April 11, 1914. As a high school student, he developed a particular interest in painting. At the age of 18, he entered the Glasgow School of Art to study interior design, but he did not earn a diploma. His enthusiasm for student filmmaking prevented him from completing assignments. Although he was a moviegoer, it was not until McLaren was at the art school and joined a film society and saw the Russian films of Eisenstein and Pudovkin that cinema took a new place for him in the cultural hierarchy. That was 1934..." -  Donald McWilliams Read more at http://www3.nfb.ca/animation/objanim/en/filmmakers/Norman-McLaren/biography.php